Nothing but net gains.

Get Dunked On

Every point Lebron James scores during basketball season releases a rare and valuable LeBronCoin into the dunkchain. Now all you have to do is buy ten GPUs or so and mine the thing.

High Stake, Higher Value

LeBronCoin (or simply L for short) will be highly viral just as soon as techcrunch picks this up. 1 L is roughly equivalent to $30 million USD, according to recent google searches of James’ salary. So it is absolutely vital to accumulate as many Ls as possible! We feel confident in saying that we’ve got the biggest L on the market right now.

Just Trust Us

LeBron is a pro. This is King James AKA LBJ AKA Chosen One AKA Bron-Bron AKA The Little Emperor AKA The Akron Hammer that we’re talking about here. He’s good for it. He won't just buy a lot of his own cryptocurrency, inflate its price, cash out, and then retire. Buy in.

Look at the data.

  • Just look at it.
  • Look.
  • Look! Just freaking --
  • please.
See those numbers? They're going up. You like up. We like up. LeBron likes up. We can do this.

We wanna share this L with you.

I mean... Does it look like we hastily threw together a bootstrap templated website to snag some cash off you simpletons? You animals?

Take the L